At One Elite Savannah, we have 4 queens: Dixie, Lila, Audrey and Arzy. Meet them below…


Every family has the wild member. In this family it happens to be F5 Savannah cat Dixie. She loves to run, chase, and cause mischief. However, even the most adventurous are in need of their daily cuddle.



Calm and composed are traits of a true Elite Savannah. The F5 Savannah cat Lila is the delicate one of the bunch and prefers to spend time in a quiet place. However, she never misses an opportunity to elegantly pursue a rolling ball during playtime.


This immaculate and hygienic F5 Savannah has her place in the pack. Audrey keeps the dwelling clean. She is the one who tidies up after the messy stud Yip Yip.


Royalty is in the blood. Arzy is a F1 Savannah cat that caries herself with nobility among her peers. She enjoys the party, but makes sure to keep her manners.

Savannahs at play